New York City Public Schools’ “After School Program”

September 28, 2008

I have learned that the NYC Public Schools do offer a small number of children the opportunity to engage in an “After School Program ” (ASP)–until approximately 6 PM weekdays. The children can do their homewoprk and engage in various social activities in a supervised environment.

The program is advantageous for parents and children–who are chosen. However, therein lies the problem, as I envision it: there is only availability for a small percentage of attendees of the school to particiipate in the ASP. Ergo, most youngsters are left out, since only approximately 50, chosen through lottery fastion, are selected…

I am intimately familiar with two chidren who were not selected, and two who were…And the following are my personal observations and conclusions:

Children (who are born self-centered beings) are not able to psychologically accept that they have not been chosen via the “lottery” to be in a program with peers to engage in fun activities; while others with whom they attend classes–have been…No matter how precocious a 9, 10 or 11 year old may be: that early developing brain function precludes charitability.

Since, it would seem likely that certain parents possess the need for ASP, primarily because they work outside the home during those after school hours, and do not want their children to be alone; it would seem appropriate to choose which children enter the ASP, pursuant to such need…Parents should be requested to respond to a brief questionnaire.

It is also my conclusion that very young children–perhaps those in kindergarten and first grade–not be considered applicants; because the program increases such young children’s day to approximately 10 hours, with no place for napping. That is a very long day for a 5 or 6 year old child, and although he or she may like it–the health of the infant is subject to undue stress…

For those families whose children would benefit from the ASP; it would seem that college students–particularly those studying primary education, psychology, sociology, and medicine–could greatly benefit from the experience of interacting with children in such program (perhaps) once weekly.
The participants could be offered academic credit, free textbooks, or some other form of compensation that does not seriously erode the City’s education budget.

Thus, no “lottery” need be implemented–as the building that suffices to house the student population for daily academic purposes, could also suffice for after school activities–and no age appropriate children need be excluded.

Imagination is a very healthy faculty to exercise (for children and adults)…

Nancy Joyce Jancourtz.


Tate’s Public Invitation to Sonali Rodrigues

May 15, 2011

Updated commentary as to Ms. Oprah Winfrey

November 23, 2009

In the autumn of 2008, following Gov. Palin’s nomination by the Republican Party to accompany Sen. McCain as his Vice-Presidential nominee–the then Governor of Alaska was notably not invited by Ms. Winfrey to appear on her popular TV program…

Recently, over a year later, and  following Gov. Palin’s resignation from her gubernatorial position,  and her emergence as a private citizen:  Oprah Winfrey invited her to be a guest on her TV program…Gov. Palin accepted the invitation, in order to promote her autobiographical tome–focusing on her personal and professional life.  (This writer watched only a distilled portion of the said interview, rebroadcast on FOX News–and my original profile of Ms. Winfrey was confirmed…I sensed alienation of the  latter from her interviewee.  Her eyes were cold and distant, whereas my memories of Ms. Winfrey when I enjoyed her program years ago; included friendliness and warmth towards her guests…This was absent in what I witnessed of the interview of Gov. Palin.)

The recent announcement of Oprah Winfrey to cease her current program in 2 years  was no surprise…It would appear that many members of her audience became disenchanted with her, when she endorced Barack Obama for the Presidency…That was and is her prerogative, yet particularly in view of the McCain-Feingold restrictive law as to campaign contributions: her audience, largely composed of more mature women,were I intuit, taken aback by this most wealthy American woman (God bless her capability!) “supporting” Barack Obama…I do believe, wholeheartedly, that Ms. Winfrey’s political support of such campaign, lost her the respect of many viewers–and thus, although Mr. Obama won–Ms. Winfrey lost…

Nancy Joyce Jancourtz.

The Miraculous Rescue from Flight 1549

January 16, 2009

The writer has already sent a message to  President Bush and Mayor Bloomberg–actually applauding America!

New York’s First Responders–as well as many others in the area–acted heroically in order to bring each and every human being on the downed vehicle to safety…(I happen to believe that the Almighty did intervene–perhaps to show us the true value of humanity–way above and beyond economic upheaval.)

Mayor Bloomberg was dignified and sincere in his appreciation for the service of so many, including all the crew members of the 1549; but I also applaud beyond reproach President George W. Bush and the members of his administration–including our brave military men and women , and Homeland Security–all of whom I deem responsible for our continued preclusion of terrorism from our homeland, as well as protection from natural and accidental disaster…The rescue of Thursday, January 15, 2009, demonstrates that we Americans can and do learn from our experience, as evident since the horror of 9/11/2001, and subsequent disaster at nature’s behest.

I applaud President George W. Bush for keeping America safe–and continuing to follow his own integrity-while the press and others repeatedly  vilified him…

We should, indeed, be grateful for President Bush’s leadership–with compassion for all.

Nancy Joyce Jancourtz.

Oprah Winfrey’s Apparent Refusal to Invite Gov. Sarah Palin to her TV Program

September 5, 2008

This is informative, methinks…Matt Drudge claims that Ms. Winfrey does not desire to offer an invitation to Gov. Palin to appear on her decades’ popular program. (This writer trusts Mr. Drudge’s conclusion–although Ms. Winfrey denies its verity.)

Ms. Winfrey should maintain the right to invite anyone she deems fit–and to refuse to invite others…
This is America! However, I also maintain the privilege of expressing my view that Ms. Winfrey is biased–and fawns over the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama…That, too, is her privilege.
However, her assumed denial to invite Gov. Palin, and her extreme wealth, enabling her to support the candidate of her choice almost immeasurably–disables other Americans from countering her action, if they choose. And, the McCain-Feingold bill further disables the greater populace from countering individuals of extreme wealth, such as Oprah Winfrey, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, et al…WHETHER SUCH BILLIONAIRES SEEK OFFICE THEMSELVES, OR ASSIST OTHERS, BY VIRTUE OF THEIR ENORMOUS MONETARY ADVANTAGE: McCain Feingold affords them further advantage to disable less endowed citizenry…[I should like President McCain to address his error, and seek Congressional rescission of the said law in 2009.]

Meanwhile, I beg your indulgence, while I express my sincere belief that Oprah Winfrey–a good, kind woman–has made grave misjudgments in her long celebrity…I do intuit that her endorsement of Sen. Obama, unqualifiedly, is the result of poor judgment, as was her focus upon “Dr. Phil”, a psychologist, whom she promoted on her program–and who has since gained celebrity. The writer personally witnessed this psychologist’s interviews of mothers and daughters in full view of the television audience, without any blockage from view of their person. These individuals were denied the right to their privacy, although their names were not divulged: people could readily recognize them, and cause them great emotional pain, if nothing worse…The decision of Oprah Winfrey to permit such gross disrespect of individuals’ most private problems–in full public view–as well as the abuse of these most vulnerable individuals, by the said psychologist, in order to gain celebrity–boggles the mind. Yet, the process continued on the program with apparent acceptance…(I had previously viewed the program from time to time, as I believed Ms. Winfrey to be an intelligent, helpful individual. After this experience, I ceased viewing her entirely.)

I do intuit that wisdom is not an appropriate term to describe Oprah Winfrey; although I realize that she enjoys helping others. God bless her.

Nancy Joyce Jancourtz.

Neurological and Psychological Testing of Suspected Antisocial Actors

August 24, 2008

The opinion expressed is solely that of the writer, but should be openly discussed between and among the essential professions–and the general public.

The latest matter in our midst affects the Anthony family in Orlando, Florida, wherein the youngest member remains missing (a toddler approximately 3 years of age). The 22 year old mother of the missing infant, Casey Anthony, is currently under house arrest in connection with her missing child.

To my way of thinking–this matter is replete with circumstances that call for a 72 hour neurological, psychological evaluation–of Casey Anthony, so as ascertain to the best of modern science’s ability, the truth of what she knows as to her daughter’s disappearance… In this situation, sodium pentothal, perhaps, could be administered to ascertain truths–if indeed they are known by the mother. Furthermore, brain scans might be invaluable here–should a lesion be involved.

My plea is for legisltative consideration enabling the judiciary, and/or medical and psychological communities to make such testing readily available–taking into consideration any and all privacy rights of the individual placed under such scrutiny–so that information that is not immediately relevant to possible danger to any other party–or the general public– is kept sacrosanct.

Modern society is engulfed in an environment with numerous toxic substances inadvertently in our midst, prescribed to us, and otherwise abused…This does include, however, our air and water. In many cases, modern technology has rendered such toxicity ever more present…Ergo, not only does cancer abound, but other physical and mental disease, as well. The more we learn about an individual, however, and the earlier such information can be obtained; the easier be the remedy and/or prevention.

In the aforementioned matter, some psychological examination was to have been performed on Casey Anthony–to ascertain whether she were suicidal–before permitting her back into her parents’ home.
My suggestion would be merely to permit 72 hours of various particular testing–so that more exacting knowledge could be ascertained.

Almost a full year ago, this writer presented the District Court Judge and attorneys for Lisa Nowak–former Astronaut ,with an informal Amicus Curiae, within which were similar suggestions as to thorough evaluation of the accused woman; although the circumstances were very different from those of the current matter…However, NASA does engage in enormous risk with experimental initiatives–that involve brave volunteer members of that organization…It was my conclusion then, and remains, that biochemical shakeup occurred, due to the unusual human experiences and environment; that instigated abnnormal hormonal changes and behavior in the accused. TESTING AND ANALYSIS NEED BE ACHIEVED TO PRECLUDE FURTHER SUCH OCCURRENCES, within this vital organization–and to these brave men and women who serve us. I was never informed whether any such initiative transpired. However, I pray that such has begun.

In the two instances provided; the law,medical and psychological professions, need communicate in an ongoing relationship; so that antisocial behavior, disease and other anomalies may be precluded or remedied.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nancy Joyce Jancourtz.